Creative Gift Boxes One Of A Kind By Chrissie

I have many boxes to show and sell. Each occasion box, handmade, customized, has a special place in my heart. I decided that my love for art and design would come alive in each centerpiece or box i have created. Sharing these unique boxes gives me joy.

The outside and inside any one of my special boxes is something to cherish. Fill your memory box, that you purchase, with memories of an event. Pictures, favors, mementos from that special day. I take great joy in creating my boxes.  I hope you take great joy in owning one.

My boxes and centerpieces are Inspired by holiday's favorite movies, people I love. Each centerpiece or wedding cake topper has a story. I even take custom orders. If you have an idea what your box should look like, i can design one just for you.

Each box is amazingly unique and sweet, a memory I believe just about anyone would be able to appreciate . So if your looking for a pretty travel-themed hat box, wedding centerpiece, gift box for the bridesmaids or a baby shower gift box, check out "The bouncing frogs" online store products. Choose a creative wedding gift box or pick a super imaginative gifts box or centerpiece for any event handmade by "Chrissie"