Mad Hatter Alice In Wonderland Centerpiece Box "Off with their heads!”

One of my favorites, "Alice in Wonderland" inspired Mad Hatter wedding card hat box. Enchanting, uniquely decorated card box, that allows your guest at your wedding or themed party to share part of your magical day. Memories forever with a touch of madness.

My Alice in Wonderland centerpiece tells the story of Alice's journey through wonderland.  All starting with with a topper the White Rabbit in a heart embellished waistcoat. The White Rabbits pocket watch, he's late, and down a rabbit hole he goes with Alice following. A magnificent and brilliant, come to life display that is sure to tantalize your guests.

“My inspiration for this fantasy box of wonders came to life from my love of "Alice in Wonderland". If you love Alice in Wonderland, this unique centerpiece will most no doubt ensure that your guests know that it's your wedding.”

Alice in Wonderland is a fun and mad story. The Red Queen shook her head, "You may call it 'nonsense' if you like," she said, "but I've heard nonsense, compared with which that would be as sensible as a dictionary!"

My centerpiece is Alice in Wonderland, riddled with jokes, and madness, coming to life with glitz and glam.

Delight and puzzle your guests equally with this themed' box masterpiece. Have your guests, chase Mr. Rabbit (Nivens McTwisp), fall through the rabbit hole with Alice, sip tea with her and the Mad Hatter, become crazed by the Cheshire Cat, and of course convince the Queen of Hearts that your guest did not steal her tarts!

Enchant your guests, celebrate a birthday, or wedding, or child's party, with this centerpiece.

This Mad Hatter Wedding Inspiration centerpiece is decorated with glitter, and fabric, with whimsical Alice in Wonderland characters coming to life. If your looking for that Alice in Wonderland themed wedding, plan on this beautiful centerpiece to accent that special day - Go overboard, have fun, and "Off with their heads!”.

An incredibly fun centerpiece for adult or child party. "Alice in Wonderland" can also be made into a Wedding Card Reception Box. Detailed, sparkly creation from the black top hat down to all the crazy clocks, red flowers against an aged, then white washed, newspaper. You and your guests will adore it! One of my most popular designs!!  CUSTOM ORDERS TOO!!