Spooky Halloween Gift Boxes

HALLOWEEN will soon be upon us, so what better way to get a head start on this "Frightening" Holiday for that special occasion than with my HALLOWEEN centerpieces and gift boxes. I'm working in my little workshop, day and night, making sure that you'll flip your lid over the come to life Halloween spooky ambiance! Every handcrafted decorated box I make, from small to large, is a walk through my imagination, carefully and delicately created with attention to detail.

Every box I make has a touch of glitter madness,  as either a base or added detail, making each box shine and sparkle,coming to life, bringing "boo's and screams" and guaranteed shrieks to your guest or recipient of the gift box. The Halloween gift boxes are sparkling in black glitter, orange and black polka dots, purple and orange crepe paper trim, satin bows, ribbons, roses and detailed trims. Sounds fun huh!!

Sitting atop the box is a frightening black crow, wearing a purple crepe paper ruffle around his neck, a glittery black hat with an orange ball on top. As scary as he may try to be, his charm shines through, or that's what he wants you to thing!

Then there is one of my favorites the "Spidery" Halloween box with black and white stripes and black glittered spiders climbing up the sides to greet the large spider atop a bed of roses. These boxes are selling like hotcakes for the special Halloween wedding, or Spooky Halloween party.  Fill them with candy, a special gift, or something frightful, like eyeballs, spiders, body parts. ( Probably best to purchase at a Halloween Store, avoid using real spiders, eyeballs and body parts).

These spooky boxes would be great for that Halloween dinner, Halloween wedding, or Halloween party.  Spook it up now by buying these special made to order gift boxes, centerpieces. I can even create your fantasy box and bring it to life. Just tell me what your imagination would love to see.

All centerpiece/gift box/memory boxes tops come off, one showing a bright orange interior, white dripping down the sides and a scary "BOO" on the bottom! Perfect places to stash some candy, a gift or something of a memento.

"As you open the gates of this barren and shallow place, death welcomes you breath by breath. Tomb stones of aging cement lean carelessly to their sides, awaiting every shadow's lament. Once you have walked into this frightful place, you're awakened by the screams of the crows and cries from the dead.

The grave where bones have scratched their way, reaching out for the living, it's ghost ever present".......all of this with the sparkle of glitter, black netting topped by black velvet ribbon and black sparkling bats flying round and round the base of this SPOOKY Halloween centerpiece.

12" wide and 15" tall, this makes a wonderfully scary decoration for All Hallows Eve. The top of this centerpiece comes off to store candy, additional decorations or a place to hide your cherished mementos for no one to see! Spooky!