The Bouncing Frogs In Battle Ground WA

Spent yesterday at a local craft fair in town and I did very well. 3 different wedding planners took my card and were amazed by my Wedding Card Boxes. 4 different people asked to take pictures of my "Alice in Wonderland" Card Box because they loved it!

A few times only my table skirts blew in the wind which was cool and on top of it, I met a beautiful St. Bernard who wants to meet to play with Beau and Deaf was a truly good day!!

My Halloween Table.

Halloween Boxes

My Wedding Boxes Got Some Awes and Ooohs.


The local vendor fair began Saturday morning with a slow start to draw a crowd.

The fair had hand crafted fun stuff from, to jewelry, sign posts, crocheting and of course my beautifully hand crafted occasion boxes.  

For me it wasn't about how much I sell -- but really to experience the reaction of potential customers.

This was on of my first public shows in Battle Ground. I sat there nervous wondering what people were going to say,let alone if they were going to buy.

The organizers of the event - Urban Basics - gave local craft vendors like myself a chance to show off our talent.  I actually had fun!



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