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Mad Hatter Alice In Wonderland Centerpiece Box "Off with their heads!”

Delight and puzzle your guests equally with this themed' box masterpiece. Have your guests, chase Mr. Rabbit (Nivens McTwisp), fall through the rabbit hole with Alice, sip tea with her and the Mad Hatter, become crazed by the Cheshire Cat, and of course convince the Queen of Hearts that your guest did not steal her tarts!

Shop "My Fair Lady" Outragiously Fun Hat Gift Boxes

Looking for a gift for mothers day, party favor, a fun gift for movie night, or a keepsake just because. Consider this magical "My Fair Lady", black and white, gift box, with pink and black ribbons, as a special gift for that special someone. The inspiration behind my creation,  the "My Fair Lady" gift box? Read on .. You may be to young to remember "My Fair Lady" a Broadway production that set the records for one of the longest running shows in musical theater history. The story, a tale of a wealthy professor trying to transform an "unrefined" girl...

Creative Gift Boxes One Of A Kind By Chrissie

I have many boxes to show and sell. Each occasion box, handmade, customized, has a special place in my heart. I decided that my love for art and design would come alive in each centerpiece or box i have created. Sharing these unique boxes gives me joy. The outside and inside any one of my special boxes is something to cherish. Fill your memory box, that you purchase, with memories of an event. Pictures, favors, mementos from that special day. I take great joy in creating my boxes.  I hope you take great joy in owning one.My boxes and centerpieces...