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Spooky Halloween Gift Boxes

HALLOWEEN will soon be upon us, so what better way to get a head start on this "Frightening" Holiday for that special occasion than with my HALLOWEEN centerpieces and gift boxes. I'm working in my little workshop, day and night, making sure that you'll flip your lid over the come to life Halloween spooky ambiance! Every handcrafted decorated box I make, from small to large, is a walk through my imagination, carefully and delicately created with attention to detail.Every box I make has a touch of glitter madness,  as either a base or added detail, making each box shine and sparkle,coming to...

Mad Hatter Alice In Wonderland Centerpiece Box "Off with their heads!”

Delight and puzzle your guests equally with this themed' box masterpiece. Have your guests, chase Mr. Rabbit (Nivens McTwisp), fall through the rabbit hole with Alice, sip tea with her and the Mad Hatter, become crazed by the Cheshire Cat, and of course convince the Queen of Hearts that your guest did not steal her tarts!